Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

An idea from my new blog friend Jess Riley - 13 Things about me that you wouldn't guess by looking at me.

1) I am 1/8 Irish. My great grandpa's last name was Rose, and he married my great grandma who was Mexican. I've always wondered what it means to be 1/8, 1/2 something, what is it? My toe is Irish???
2) I weigh almost the same amount of the combined weight I gained with my two kids. I know, I know, I'm just bragging. But I deserve it because I was a house with my first son. He weighed eight lbs, the rest was a result of Chinese food and tuna fish sandwiches.
3) I am totally addicted to blogging but I can't sit down to finish an article to save my life. My husband is threatening to go back to Iraq early if I don't get off the computer. But he bought it for me so it's his own damn fault. I love him though because he looks like Ricky Martin. "Shake your bon bon..."
4) I was published in Reader's Digest when I was 16 and I got $400 for it on my 16th birthday.
5) I was homeschooled for five years and hated every single day of it.
6) I used to play the violin and piano. My mom used to make me play for an old folk's home when I was 10. I still remember the smell and this old lady who bragged about how she still had all her teeth. But I also felt very sorry for the people who never had any visitors. I promise to visit my mom when I send her out to pasture.
7) I had dinner with Bill Gates....and 20 other students. I noted that we had a child the same age. He looked at my like, "How did you get this scholarship and why are you here?" I wanted to crawl under the table and disappear.
8) Bill Gates Sr. kissed me (blush)
9) While we're talking celebrities, I met Evander Holyfield and he looked down my shirt when I bent over to get my camera out of my bag. I knew it was him because I saw the ear. It doesn't look so bad.
10) I've never done drugs. Not even weed.
11) I stole one of those orange construction cones one time. My way of rebelling since I didn't do drugs.
13) I don't think I've had a night of interrupted sleep since about a month before my first son was born. That was seven years ago.
14) These lists always make me sound nerdy and boring as hell when in fact I am a very fun person to be around!

Every your list!!!


Jess Riley said...

Hey Monique! I'm honored to be linked by you. :) And your list doesn't make you sound boring at all--on the contrary! You have been published and you dined with Bill Gates!

And I used to play piano, too...but not at any nursing homes. That was strictly singing and dancing with the 4-H Club. *Looking around nervously to see if I set off the nerd alarm*

Also, I sometimes wonder if there will be 12-step groups for former bloggers one day.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you all this weekend, girlfriend. I will get to your many interesting posts in the next couple of days, but I did want to say, I hope all is well and you are hanging in there. Love you much, xoxox Me