Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The magic of Disney

I wasn't surprised when I read this story about a couple who lost their wedding rings at Disney World and Disney staff found them and returned the rings.

When we went for a weeklong vaca in November - and had a thoroughly magical time celebrating Asher's birthday and Thanksgiving - my husband lost our camera. On the last day of our trip. With over 700 photos on it, including Asher's birthday at the Crystal Palace. We both wanted to cry. Well, after spending a restless last night in our resort room we called lost and found and it was there! Obviously we were relieved but we had to catch our flight so we couldn't go and get it. They agreed to send it to us.

Then, as we boarded our Magical Express bus to the airport we realized we forgot Asher's special Mickey in the hotel room. Argh! So, we called lost and found again. They checked the hotel room and it was indeed there. Three days later a box arrived on our doorstep with one special edition Mickey doll and a lifetime of memories inside.

That's why we love Disney.