Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tagged for threesies

I’m so excited to be tagged by Household 6!! I thought I’d lost all my blogger friends by now :)

Three Things That Scare Me
1. Not having money in the bank
2. Bird flu
3. and for something not so heavy…crickets.

Three People Who Make Me Laugh
1. My husband (he’ll be surprised to read that)
2. Steve Carell
3. My boys

Three Things I Love
1. Tillamook chocolate peanut butter ice cream (can’t get it here)
2. Road trips with my husband and boys
3. Acceptance letters

Three Things I Hate
1. Me procrastinating or being negative.
2. Snobs – especially preachy celebrities.
3. Losing things. It really puts me in a bad mood, which triggers number one.

Three Things I Don't Understand
1. Racism
2. Why people don’t vote
3. Why we glorify and over pay athletes and actors.

Three Things On My Desk
1. A picture of my husband and kids at a baseball game
2. And old bowl of cereal
3. Bills

Three Things I'm Doing Right Now
1. Duh.
2. smelling pizza cook
3. lamenting my bills

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die
1. Take a year to travel Europe with my family
2. Write a book about a rocking female protagonist – Where in my imagination is my 21st century Jane Eyre?
3. See my grandchildren grow up

Three Things I Can Do
1. Dance
2. Write
3. I’m really good at first impressions, but it’s usually downhill from there

Three Things I Can't Do
1. Speak fluent Spanish. One of my great regrets
2. Sit in a meeting for more than 30 minutes without my eyes glazing over or yawning
3. change a tire

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To
1. Daughtry. He is amazing
2. I agree with HH6 – you gotta trust your gut.
3. Your children. They will remember it.

Three Things You Should Never Listen To
1. Any artists that degrade women
2. Anyone who tells you, you can’t do something
3. The woman giving you parenting advice who has never had children. You’ll usually find her in the mall or restaurant with perfectly manicured nails and a husband with a vice on his cajones.

Three Things I'd Like To Learn
1. To speak spanish
2. To control my temper
3. write consistently

Three Favorite Foods
1. Chocolate
2. Cheesecake
3. My grandmother’s enchiladas

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid
1. Little House on the Prairie
2. Knight Rider
3. The Smurfs!!!

I tag:
Suburban Joe

Humor me people...

Monday, May 28, 2007

Another Memorial Day

There are many names to remember this Memorial Day 2007. These are the ones on my mind:
Sean Sims, Heidi and Colin
Tom Wren, his wife and children
Tyler Swisher, his wife and children
Robert Hernandez, his fiancee and children
Joel, his wife Mary and children
Rest in peace guys.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The price of a service member

"Memorial Day orators will say that a G.I.'s life is priceless. Don't believe it. I know what value the U.S. government assigns to a soldier's life: I've been handed the check. It's roughly what the Yankees will pay Roger Clemens per inning once he starts pitching next month."

This was written by a man who opposes the war, and lost his son in Iraq. Isn't it the saddest commentary about our nation's real priorities that you have ever heard? And the blame must lie partially with us consumers....

Sunday, May 20, 2007

What's been going on

Well, I met the prez. Again :) in the east wing for mil spouse appreciation day event. He is not my favorite person, but he's still the most powerful man in the free world.

Outside of that, we've just been working on our house. I don't have a before, but here is an after in the main living:

Before Bath:

After Bath:

Those are the two big projects. And my husband, if we were talking in person, would interrupt at this point to say he did it all himself. :) Then we found these awesome panels for the, I-don't-know-what-to-call-it-room, off the kitchen. But you'll have to wait until we get the sheer, and double hanging rods up to see them :) Oh, and the fridge I'm in love with: (preview of the pretty curtains. And Ash)

Gabe also took SECOND place at his first tournament for the individual sparring portion this weekend!!
Terry also got a new job. He'll finally be trying cases instead of just writing :)
Life is good.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Have home, must paint

I have a new house, and it's keeping me crazy busy, so no real posts anytime soon. But I have to say I got excited chills knowing that the Queen was visiting. It's so amazing how all out Americans went to meet her. There is something calming about the formality and awe she evokes, especially in the midst of war.