Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A new role model

My husband went to our son's Halloween party at school a couple weeks ago. Among the ghosts and star wars characters, a little boy caught his eye. He was wearing a suit jacket and a button that said "Future President." And he happened to be black.

We've broken the most powerful color barrier there is. We did it without riots or violence or legal wrangling. Black children have someone to look up to that looks like them. That is something to celebrate. It's not the end of the race discussion, but it's a whole new chapter. Go America for telling the world we are a true democracy where anything is still possible.


Gabriella said...

Dear Monique,

I am the co-artistic director of PoliglotTheater, a New York-based dance theater company. Poliglot is currently in the process of developing two pieces dealing with the war in Iraq: Homefront, a dance piece which draws its text from the blogs and letters of military wives and mothers, and Baghdad Calling, which will be a collage of blogs entries, poetry, and songs written by soldiers during their service in Iraq.

I am writing to ask permission to use some of your blog entries in Homefront. The entries written while your husband was away really touched my heart. After reading your blog, I almost feel that I know you, and I want New York audiences to know you as well - to know the loneliness of life with a husband deployed, and to know the struggle of your children to understand and accept their father's absence.

Please email me at and let me know your thoughts on this project. I am more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have about the piece or the use of your words. I would love to hear from you.

Best wishes,
Gabriella Pinto

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