Monday, October 20, 2008

Band of Brothers

I just finished watching Band of Brothers for the third time. The last time I watched it Terry was mid way through his tour in Iraq. I usually avoided war movies then, but I couldn't turn of Band of Brothers. This week was the same.

I think you take away something different each time you watch a movie like this. Last time I was, of course, focused on the horrors of war. The segments in Bastogne would become points of reference for a real tour that was about to end back then. This time I was struck by how these men, heroes, led ordinary lives after the war. They became postal workers and glass makers, cab drivers and well, career soldiers. How many people did they encounter in their lives that had no idea who they were standing next to? I think about that when I see a vet wearing his old black and yellow hat. I look at them, and wonder... Sometimes I thank them. You know what's sad? They're always surprised to hear it.

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Bette said...

It wasn't until the Army birthday ball this year that I discovered that a sweet older man who sings in my church choir was also a Vietnam war hero. I suspect there are so many like that -- people who were quietly brave and heroic and then moved on with their lives with a different kind of bravery and heroism.

Good for you for saying thank you!